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death metal babes

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This is a community all about one simple thing: death metal babes. Please post lots of pics, and remember this community is not limited to women posting. I myself am a guy and will be posting pics. OK now that we got that out of the way lets get down to the rules.

god_shall_burn wrote:

1: This is a communiity dedicated to death metal babes. This includes all fans of death metal, meaning not only do I want women posting pics but guys are more than welcome to post pics as well.

2: Nudity is allowed but not required. All posts involving nudity should be kept behind an LJ cut and warn of what is behind. A not work safe is good but you should also post what exactly is behind, for example: "Not work safe, boobs behind the cut." There are some guys who may post nude pics of themselves, there is no rule saying they can't but again warn of the cockage, I think we all like boobs on here but not everyone likes cock. The same goes for women if you post a pic of your clit. You must warn with a not work safe and then post what is behind. I would also like to note that I will not incourage nor discourage nudity. This is not what this community is for but I will allow it. I shouldn't have to say this but pictures of nude underage age girls will be turned over to the proper auothorities. Also any posts involving nudity should be friends only. Sorry to those of you who were planning an just coming in without joining to see nudity you'll have to join first.

3: Porn is forbidden. You may post nude pictures but pornography is forbidden, any porn being posted will be deleted and the poster shall be banned. I shouldn't have to say this but child porn being posted will be turned over to the proper auothorities.

4: DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMINITY TO ADVERTISE. There will be no advertising of anything unless it has to do with a black metal band such as the release of a new CD. Also please feel free to post an advertisement for your community.

5: NO HARRASMENT!!!!! I will not tolerate this you will banned on your first incident.

6: Criticism is welcome as long as it's intelligent and well thought out. Don't post something like: "Your an ugly, fat bitch." this violates the above rule and will cause you to be banned.

7: Christians are welcome but be prepared to have your religion ridiculed and me to sit back and laugh.

8: I WILL NOT SUPPORT THE STEREO-TYPE OF WHAT IS A DEATH METTALIER AND WHAT IS NOT!!!! If someone posts a pic of them wearing a pink T-Shirt do not say this person is a poser because of that. You will be banned. No where does it say this is what a black mettalier is and this isn't and for the record I'm not a supporter of unwritten laws.

9: Calling people a poser. To me you are the real poser for trying to make someone feel bad by calling them a poser. Doing so will result in a banning.

10: This is not a closed community just don't be a dick.

11: Long posts or posts involving lots of pics should be behind an LJ cut. To LJ cut just do this. <*lj-cut*> ((minus the **)) simple use this text after posting whatever it is you wish us to see then what you want to be behind then cut.

You need an image hosting site to put up pics. I'll get a few links to some up real soon.

12: You may join at 14+ and up.

13: On the case of minors. If I even suspect you of being a 50 year old man sitting back on his comp in a trenchcoat jacking off to pics of little girls, then congrats, fuck you *gives the finger* your banned.

14: Rule 13 being said I will not allow you to be here more than a week without posting an introductory post and a pic confirming who you are, and don't think about posting a pic of someone else because I WILL FIND OUT. I have a way of finding out I always do. I had a problem like this on my last community where an elder male posted a pic of a younger man in his introduction to join and see the pics of minors. I was contacted my the man whose pic it was and them banned the mother fucker. If you don't have a cam don't join until you get one, and if you can't get a post up in a week contact me and come up with a damn good reason. I'm sorry if your not one of the legions of elder men who will sit back and jack off to those pics.

15: If I hear of one incident of a person on here being sexual harrased on this communtiy, on a private IM, on a chat room, or even over an e-mail and the person found him/her on here. BAM!!! This entire community will become closed membership, the person will be banned, and all posts including pics and non-pics will become friends only.


This all being said please enjoy yourself here and don't be afraid to contact me for any reason. I'm a really nice guy after all.